ParaSpace Testnet Guide & Galxe Campaign.

Let’s participate on ParaSpace testnet & claim glaxe NFT to increase chance for a potential Airdrop.

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Follow me step by to participate ⤵️

Step 00(wallet setup):

Step 01(Dapp testing):

  • Scroll down to ERC-20 tokens section > Click ‘Supply’ to deposit any token > Enter any amount > Click ‘Approve to continue’, confirm transaction > Click ‘Supply’, confirm transaction.
  • Click ‘Borrow’ to borrow any token(Borrow same token which you supply) > Enter less amount than Limit > Click ‘Borrow’, confirm transaction.
  • Now scroll up & go to NFT section > Click ‘Supply’ on available NFT(you will see 1 on top-right of NFT) > Select NFT > Approve > Supply NFT.

⚡️ That’s it, testnet task finished.

Step 02:

⚡️Now, we have to claim 3 NFT, 2 NFT we can claim after all task. 3rd one is limited for selected users.

The Traveler Registration NFT:

Take ParaSpace Traveler Role:

  • Go to Parallel Finance discord (you just join on above task)
  • Verify & go to # collabland-join channel > Click ‘Let’s go’ > Click ‘Connect wallet’ > Collect wallet on collabland website. You will get role in less than 1–2 minutes.

The Explorer Registration NFT:

The Settler Registration NFT:

  • This NFT’s supply only 200. Selected user 👇 will be eligible to claim.

— Top 100 participants who invited and helped the most people to receive ParaSpace Traveler role, Top 50 feedback in the #feedback channel, Top 50 participants selected from a series of community campaigns.

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